Friday, February 25, 2011


Live simple so we can simply live

Well that was a saying a friend whom is a Financial Planner told me. Pause for a second it is a meaningful sweet phrase.

Live simple in financial term means to reduce monthly expenses and most importantly reduce monthly payments.

Having small monthly payment is not only manageable but it really helps shall economics downturn happens again. No more worry about job security and pay cut.

With low monthly expenses it is easy to generate passive incomes to cover for expenses need as well.

If your monthly expenses is about RM2,000

Yearly expenses: RM24,000

What you need are one of below

a.) RM 300,000 invested in Unit Trust
b.) RM 800,000 saved in FD

* assume unit trust yeild 8% return
** bank FD rate 3% pa

Option A seems quite achieveable...

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There are always the good side

Kinda need to remind myself too, that there is always a good side of everything. Most importantly, that is what i should focus on. These includes see, say or write about

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