Thursday, August 17, 2017


Installing Tensorflow on Ubuntu (Anaconda 3.5)

Here is the install log

  276  sudo chmod a+x
  277  ./
  278  conda create -n tensorflow
  279  conda
  280  conda create -n tensorflow
  281  cd
  282  cd ml
  283  vim tensorflow_readme.txt
  284  source activate tensorflow
  285  pyhton
  286  pyhton3
  287  pypython3
  288  conda
  289  conda -V
  290  conda --version
  291  python
  292  pip3 install --upgrade
  293  sudo apt install python3-pip
  294  spyder &
  295  python
  297  python
  298  pip install --ignore-installed --upgrade
  299  python
  300  python
  301  ls
  302  cd tf_files/
  303  ls
  304  cd flower_photos/
  305  ls
  306  du
  307  du .
  308  ls
  309  cd ..
  310  ls
  311  curl -O
  312  ls
  313  python   --bottleneck_dir=bottlenecks   --how_many_training_steps=500   --model_dir=inception   --summaries_dir=training_summaries/basic   --output_graph=retrained_graph.pb   --output_labels=retrained_labels.txt   --image_dir=flower_photos
  314  curl -L >
  315  python flower_photos/daisy/21652746_cc379e0eea_m.jpg
  316  ls
  317  chmod a+x
  318  ls
  319  mkdir food_photos
  320  cd food_photos/

End of Log

Next Step:
Install Firefox Add on: Save Images by Lumox to allow batch image download from google images page


Tensorflow: Use pip behind proxy

If you planning to run tensor flow behind proxy.
(tensorflow) c:\temp\ml>pip install --ignore-installed --proxy --upgrade
Collecting tensorflow==1.3.0 from

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Dare to dream, take the challenge

Went to training and learned very important thing about dream and how it can change life. Determined to make 2012 a rememberable year!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Capitalize on your strength

Even smallest of skill and strength will make a huge different if put into good use

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Monday, February 13, 2012


Cut loss day.

Cut loss in JCY @ 1.29 due to hit threshold for cut loss. Anyhow it is a bad trade to start with. Lesson learn. Do not break the rule.
I should record more of my losses compared to earning

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Breaking the rule will break your piggy bank

Simple rule are hard to follow, however most things in life is really that simple.

The nature is always simple and yet it is noble.

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Stick to the rule and make it simple

Buy@bottom of Band, take profit @ upper band and if retreat 3-5%. Cut loss@ -5%

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Monday, January 16, 2012


2012 Goals

Written Goals.
Last year was quite average mainly due to loose goals and inconsistent tracking. This year will focus more on the goal execution and tracking. Time for SMART Goals

Here are my 2012 goals. These are only personal goals. The professional goals are not publish and confidential

1. Complete iOS Development Course (Falls 2011) by WW15'2012. Follow weekly schedule with biweekly update meeting.

2. Complete 3x5x52 = 780, cold contact with weekly tracking. Produce tracking and report on every sunday night

3. NSC Target, at least RM50K per month
4. Promotion criteria target. RM40K per month.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Result comes with Action

Year 2011 is 2 days away from end. Overall this year was good but could been better. Note to remind myself that great result is achievable through action and dedication. One more thing is waste not your time by living someone's else life - Steve Jobs

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